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A collection of black and white photos, a visual essay on the aesthetic of the streetscape. Followed by color photos to start a conversation on what makes our urban spaces sometimes dis-spiriting and sometimes uplifting.


There's more to the West than stunning landscapes. The small towns and historic cities have much to reward a discerning eye. My hope is to raise awareness of the desirability of living in these small and livable communities and thus take the pressure off building 40 acre ranchettes in valuable agricultural and wilderness land. The architecture is often vernacular, and evokes a sense of place.

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West - other

My comments in the Montana-Wyoming album are true here as well.

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I spent much of my life in the midwest, an area of the country sometimes overlooked by folks on the coasts. Areas in the heartland are equally deserving of our care and appreciation.

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I had several video projects in Mexico during the late 80's and early 90's, but I always carried a b/w film camera in my video bag. I often saw scenes that were best captured in that medium, and only wish I had more. Edward Weston's Daybook on Mexico was an inspiration - he talked about the quality of light there, and once I saw it, I knew what he meant.

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The Chicago area is rich in innovative architecture as well as having fine examples of conservative styles. The downtown is remarkable for its bold and daring buildings, rising almost literally out of the ashes of the Chicago fire. At the same time, its hidden alleys and neighborhoods are full of visual delights if one but takes time to look - and see.

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Left and Right Coasts

Of course the East coast is rich in history, going back to the 1600's. I've also found visual features on the West coast unique to that area.

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Kentucky-North Carolina

I've only been to this part of the country a few times, but what little I saw makes me want to return. There's a definite flavor here, personified for me in such details as tin roofs, stone fences, and so on.

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