The Chicago area is rich in innovative architecture as well as having fine examples of conservative styles. The downtown is remarkable for its bold and daring buildings, rising almost literally out of the ashes of the Chicago fire. At the same time, its hidden alleys and neighborhoods are full of visual delights if one but takes time to look - and see.
Baker House  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1975 Brick Wall with Windows  Chicago, Illinois - 1976 Church Hoops  Chicago, Illinois - 1976 Discharge Pipes  Lake Bluff, Illinois - 1977
Factory Stacks  Chicago, Ilinois - 1975 Hook Shadow  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1976 Lake Forest Friends Meeting House  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1971 Lake Michigan Breaker  Lake Bluff, Illinois - 1976
Lake Michigan Retaining Wall  Lake Bluff, Illinois - 1975 Lake Michigan Shoreline  Lake Bluff, Illinois - 1975 Market Square Arcades  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1975 Market Square Stairs  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1980
Parking Lot Bumper  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1976 Polo Pony Barn Balcony  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1975 Polo Pony Barn Shed  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1975 Ragdale Entrance  Lake Forest, Illinois - 1978
Shopping Center Vents, by Day  Northbrook, Illinois - 1977 Shopping Center Vents, by Night  Northbrook, Illinois - 1976 Split Rail Fence  St. Charles, Illinois - 1976